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My name is Nydia. I'm 20. Texas. I love HCR, 1D, 5SOS, Demi, 5H, and many more artists! :D I reblog whatever I like. Sooo, follow me & I'll love you forever!!

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So we don’t get the Don’t Stop EP, have to wait a month later for the 5sos album, and don’t get the Amnesia EP.

Thats just great. Congratulations UK, Australia and other freaking places. This is wonderful. Having a wonderful time. I’M HAVING A GREAT TIME. IT’S WONDERFUL. Hey…….

The problems of being an American 5SOS fan:

5SOS:we are going to release some new music!!!
USA fan:YAY! I can't wait to buy it and listen to it!
5SOS:yeah it's available to everyone, excluding USA.
USA fan:
USA fan:
USA fan:why does this always happen.......
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